Who we are

Frame Mouldings and wooden frames

Welcome to Lombarda cornici, a point of reference in the sector of frames and framing Mouldings since 1999. For over twenty years, we have been dedicated to the production of quality items, made with artisanal methods and passion for the art of Mouldings production for frames and frames.

Our company is rooted in the Lombard artisan tradition and in the influence of a city like Milan which inspires charm and design which translate into manual workmanship and, with attention to detail which is fundamental, to create unique and high class products. Our experience allows us to offer frames and framing Mouldings that reflect the elegance and refinement of Italian craftsmanship.

Each piece we produce is the result of meticulous workmanship, using carefully selected materials to guarantee maximum quality and durability over time. Our range of frames and framing Mouldings ranges from classic to modern, baroque, American cassette and other fantastic creations of various different styles adapting to the tastes and needs of each customer.

We are committed to providing high-level products and personalized services, with particular attention to our customers' requests. We are proud to be an Italian company that exports its artisanal know-how all over the world.

We invite you to discover the world of our company's frames and framing Mouldings and to rely on our experience to present you our collections which are designed and created to offer a high quality product. If you want to stand out, choose our products and our service.

Greetings from Andrea and Luca