Collection: Mouldings series american cassette

Welcome to our exclusive collection of"Cassetta Americana"frame Mouldings , handcrafted in Italy. This series of framing Mouldings combines the elegance of modern design with Italian craftsmanship, creating elegant products despite their simplicity.

Each"American Cassette"frame rod is made with care and attention to detail by skilled Italian craftsmen using high quality materials and artisanal techniques. Despite being traditionally an industrially manufactured article, we wanted to give importance to the manual workmanship which gives the product a warmth that makes them unique.

The modern design of the"American Cassette"Mouldings adds a touch of refinement and sobriety to any use it is intended for, the main use of this type of frame is to frame more or less thick frames so that they appear to be suspended, but with a bit of fantasy can even be used to create fantastic mirrors.

We invite you to explore our collection of"Cassetta Americana"framing Mouldings and discover the beauty and excellence of Italian craftsmanship.