Collection: Mouldings series modern

Welcome to our exclusive collection of modern frames produced with artisan methods in Italy. Here, the meeting between contemporary design and traditional workmanship gives life to unique and innovative creations.

Each product is crafted with care and craftsmanship by skilled Italian artisans, who combine their centuries-old experience with a modern vision to create timeless works of art. Attention to detail and the use of high quality materials are key to ensuring a flawless finish and durability.

Our modern frames are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and a minimalist design, which adapt perfectly to any environment and enhance the works that will then be framed

By choosing an Italian artisan frame, you are choosing a product that is the result of the passion and dedication of the artisans who created it. Each frame reflects the essence of Italian creativity and conveys a sense of prestige and modernity.

We invite you to explore our selection of modern frames produced with artisan methods and discover the timeless beauty and originality of these Italian creations.