Collection: Mouldings series barocco

Welcome to our collection of baroque style frames handmade in Italy. Each frame is the result of the craftsmanship and passion for art that has characterized Italian craftsmanship for generations.
Our baroque frames are created with care and attention to detail, using fine materials and traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each item designed reflects the elegance and opulence of the Baroque period, characterized by sinuous lines, elaborate decorations and rich ornamentation.

We invite you to explore our selection of baroque frames and discover the timeless beauty of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with passion and dedication, ensuring uncompromising quality and an authentic sense of prestige.

Baroque frames are suitable for framing photos, old prints, mirrors, classic paintings and can also be inserted into modern, classic, historical environments, etc.
Frames suitable for decorating hotels, bars, restaurants, homes, historical monuments, museums, painting collections, etc...